FBU – The Invitation Only Concept

FBU was founded as an elite educational football camp, and will be using an invitation only policy as its guide to enrollment for the upcoming 2008 camp season. FBU is not a mini-camp for everyone but rather a camp aimed at a small and elite class of football athletes who have already demonstrated their elite football ability, their seriousness for football, and chosen football as their primary sport.

Rational for Invite Only Policy.
The camp is an invite only camp for several reasons. Organizing the camp with similar talent makes for a better instructional setting, while the small class size provides a premium educational environment for all students. Second, most of our instructors provide private or group training so teaching in small groups is what they desire and are accustomed to. Finally, FBU in its second year simply cannot accommodate everyone who wants this high level training per region. The majority of the camps sold out last year and the invitational concept allows us to focus on the athletes who can best benefit from this high level training.

Selection Process and Regional Directors.
Similar to our sister property, the U.S. Army All-American Bowl on NBC, featuring the nation’s top 80 seniors football players with alumni such as Reggie Bush, Brady Quinn, and Vince Young , our invitational policy will include other partners who evaluate the nation’s top football talent annually. FBU will utilize the Forbes Report and Tom Lemming’s Prep Football Report to evaluate the nation’s top prep athletes in each region. FBU will utilize American Youth Football and hundreds of youth coaches to help identify, evaluate and invite the nation’s top youth football players. Every mini-camp will have a regional representative to evaluate and cross check potential athletes who come to the attention of FBU by coaches or online nominations.

Our regional instructors will be calling every high school coach and every youth football organization in each region to get their nominees for the final FBU camp slots. There is no guarantee that all nominees provided by all coaches will get an invite. However, every athlete nominated will receive a thorough review. Selecting the top 200 football athletes is not a perfect science and we are sure to miss a number of qualified athletes in each region. Nonetheless, we urge every interested candidate between the age groups of 7th grade to high school senior to submit a nomination via this web site along with a highlight reel (5-10 plays). All final invitations will be for 2008 only, which means any athlete that does not receive an invitation this season may receive one next year.

Athletes Not Receiving an Invite.
For those athletes who are looking for this training but who have not received an invite to the FBU regional mini-camps, we will be offering a similar curriculum based on variety of skill level come this summer at our FBU Academy opening up in Florida.

Small Class Size Provides Top Instructors the Environment to
Teach Skill – The Essence of FBU Training
The founders of FBU believe there is a need to provide elite football training to America’s top youth and high school football players in the country, featuring the best instructors and gurus from the NFL. FBU founders believe that skill is a “difference maker” and that the nation’s top football players eventually will meet athletes their size, their speed, and with their strength. When this encounter occurs, the difference maker will be “skill”. The founders of FBU watched this development annually at the U.S. Army All-American Bowl on NBC. Here at FBU we teach NFL level “skill” to our students. The FBU founders wanted to offer this “skill” development for select athletes well before their senior year in high school. For invited athletes, FBU begins your training now and will work with you until the day you test your skills at the NFL Combine, the premier Pro Football Combine where many of our instructors teach and prep college prospects for the NFL Draft.

If you have been invited to attend FBU, we congratulate you on your invitation and your success. We look forward to training you in the upcoming months and sending you more detailed mini-camp information by your lead instructor. Welcome to the first day of the rest of your football life.

Any athlete can be considered for acceptance. A nomination form must be completed.

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